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I always accept anything you invite me to brother!


You have helped me connect to my truest most authentic self while helping me discover my true passions in things that allow me to be fully expressed. You have introduced me to a whole new world of spirituality which has allowed me to create a strong foundation in who I am. You have opened my mind, heart, & soul to new possibilities and shown me that I have value to bring to the world. 


Hey coach! You have impacted my life in such a huge way. I wouldn’t be the athlete I am, or am striving to be, without the Togetherships and your specific guidance. I have grown a huge amount since that first year we met, thank you so much for everything you taught me about life and about myself! I love you eternally.

I am Matt's Aunt, and the biggest value I got out of allowing him to coach me physically and mentally was the Confirmation of a theory I was taught in nursing school when assessing a patient. “One part affects the whole.” Delving into our mind with thoughtful questions and challenging movements work together for a more fit me. This has helped me to have my best day every day.

I would love to reconnect with you and am excited to see what new wisdom you can give me. You have made a huge impact on my life. You are someone I look up to and whenever you are around your energy is infectious through every. You have opened me up to so many new things and have helped make me who I am today. You have taught me to be more connected with my soul and the earth. You helped build my confidence in myself and you opened me up to so many new things. I can’t thank you enough on how you have already impacted me. I know your spirit will live through me forever Coach.

You taught me how to be WHO I AM. You taught me how to be a better man. From how I respect people to how I respect myself. And how it’s more than just the field, but the classroom, friends, family, coaches, etc. thank you coach, I am forever grateful for you.

You taught me to be a better in multiple things and how to be a better as a person not just an athlete. Also pushed me hard to continue to get better but yet accept the present moment always. Appreciate it and much love coach, forever!

You've helped me immensely with acquiring a different perspective on life that serves me and my highest self. It has had a tremendous impact on my daily interactions with myself, my family, friends, coaches and entire community.

I love you forever coach.

 Hey big brotha, I'm playing in a intramural basketball league and I had two games today. Game 1 I should of caught a body. Went up with two hands and he hit my right hand and I just dropped it in for an and one. Game 2 I got two dunks. One was against two people trying to pin it and the other was just one person but he got out the way at the last second. I just wanted to thank you for bringing out my athleticism. You made me a more explosive player. I remember you taught me how to take a 3 step dunk and I got it down now. You're a great coach and person. I'm glad to see you working with high school kids. I know they take you serious and pay attention right now. Forever grateful that I got to know you Coach.

The impact you've had on my life has been nothing short of tremendous. I couldn't have achieved the success I have so far in my collegiate career if it wasn't for you. The three years I was able to be around you was a privilege. The workouts, the pre games, and all of the other times we've shared, I will cherish forever.

I am a mom, a wife, a teacher, a sister, a friend. I committed to this program not once but twice. The first time I did the program with my sister and a friend to support Matt, my son, to learn what it was all about. I was totally taken by surprise daily and really enjoyed the newness of the experience. The 2nd time we gathered some more family members together and the experience was exemplified. Being able to share knowledge, feelings, and pure emotions with people you love and care about is powerful. The physical and nutritional aspect of the program was a great reminder on how to take care of my body, but the rest of the program helped me to take care of my mind and my inner peace. Reminder just to love. I would absolutely suggest this program, and already have, to anyone and everyone. Not because Matt is my son but because this program has something for every person out there. Everyone needs help finding their inner strength and could use a push in that direction. No matter whether you are the fittest, healthiest, most emotionally confident, or none of those… Matt’s calm demeanor and approach will help you feel better in many ways!

Big bro, one thing out of all the things you’ve taught me is that the energy of this universe is real and alive if you’re willing to connect to it. It’s crazy reading your message because I’ve recently been back at j Serra with our guy spellman the last couple weeks and all it’s reminding me of is that time we had together a couple years ago and how everything we talked about is manifesting, it’s all coming full circle. I needed y’all more than you’ll ever know during that time and for you to barely even know me but believe in me the way that you did kept my dreams alive. I cherish the mentorship I’ve gotten and continue to get from you bro and because of that I’d climb to Mt Everest with you if you asked. Blessed to be apart of the tribe big bro. Much Love Family!

Where do I start?!? From taking me in as a recruit in 2013 and showing me the proper way to hold my self accountable and be mentally prepared!! You give me your energy everyday especially now that I am a bit older and can comprehend how to carry myself on a daily basis! You’ve treated me like a player, a brother, and a best friend. You have made me an incredible athlete by the exercises you put me through on a day to day basis in the gym. More importantly, You’ve impacted me in many ways my brother and coach, you’ve helped me start to become the young man I know I am destined to be. I know you have impacted everybody that has connected with you on any sort of level and I know you’re going to continue to impact me and all others along the way, thanks for everything you’ve done it never goes unnoticed or unappreciated! Love you Coach.

Coach, You helped me get faster and stronger mentally and physically. 

You really helped me get through some hard times in my life when I was ready to give up on everything. You always gave good real advice. You listened to my personal problems and helped however you could. 

You’re a great trainer who knows what he's talking about. The work we did is very similar to what were doing at Hawaii. Thank you for preparing me for this level and for the relationship we have developed man.

Coach you’re the man. Honestly when I first met you I wasn't sure about your crazy antics and energy levels haha… but when I got to know you and your story man it truly inspired me. It's always a good reassuring feeling to have someone like you in my life where I can look for guidance or for really whatever I need. Love you coach.

You showed me my inner beast and that I'm the only one that can hold myself back

Where to begin... You took me in when I was nameless, believed in the name on the back of the jersey before you saw the routes, you bought my product before I was even a product. You helped me find my "God" in the weight room. You showed me true salvation was being in the weight room, and believing in nothin’ else but the weights, and how that applied to everything in our lives. Everything else I've been told in life has been a lie, you showed me the truth by pushing me to new limits. I truly believe we were separated at birth, you are a brother to me! Wouldn't be where I am in my career without you and your program, lifestyle and mindset.. When most people think I should be locked up in an insane asylum, you welcome my insanity and ask me to take it to new limits. The grind never stops, not for anything. You showed me that, as a brother, friend, mentor, and coach! Thank you and I love you

You taught me that I need to enjoy every second of my life and make the most of every opportunity that I'm given. You also showed me how putting in all the work really does pay off. You taught me lessons about keeping my body right and about how to live my life. I wish the best for you in the future and hope that you are happy and successful in where ever you end up coach.

You have made a huge impact on me. You have taught me how hard I need to work in order to achieve my dreams. You have inspired me with your words and actions. You always work your hardest and put your all into everything you do which is something I took away from training with you. You have showed me the correct way to work out to be functionally strong and flexible. You believed in me and helped give me more confidence to attack my dreams. Thank you coach Koman.

I am Matt's Dad and I did this program to gather tools that can help me physically and mentally to achieve a better life.

I would highly recommend this program to others because the physical and mental parts of the program provided good physical and mental therapy and were highly efficient for me.

To recalibrate and fine tune the areas in my life related to the 4 Doctors(movement, happiness, diet and quiet) was a really helpful tool.

The program provided great value in these areas from a different perspective than what I am accustomed to in my 61 years of life.

 I wanted to let you know you are one of the best trainers I’ve ever had and, in the business, and I hope you continue to change young athlete’s lives forever. The one thing that really impacted me the most was our games of catch and simple conversations before games and practices, I know it doesn't seem like much but after my injury I was not confident about my abilities, and our crazy games of catch really brought me back to a good place mentally and is one of the reasons I was able to recover quick and become the best QB in the FCS! I know my life wouldn't be the same without you coach and I will always appreciate our relationship!!!

A few words about my coach Matthew Koman....first of all let me start by saying thank you for everything you have done for me and the team this last year. I truly believe you got us in shape physically and mentally to conquer any challenge before us. In my 4 years of high school football, I can honestly say that I have never been inspired by someone so much to play the game I love. You made me a better player and a better man along the way. You radiate passion and pride in everything you do and I really admire that. You truly care about the success of others around you. You're able to connect with your players on a personal level which is something not a lot of coaches are capable of doing. You can make a rigorous workout exciting and competitive which helps athletes stay involved. I honestly believe, with all my heart, you have the talent to coach at any top collegiate program or professional program. With your fire and energy you were able to turn a whole program around in just a few short weeks. I wish we had more time with you as our coach because I can only imagine the things we could have accomplished together. Love you coach.

You've impacted me in many ways. Not only from a football standpoint, but also in life. Not only are you a great coach & mentor but you are also a great friend. You're straight up & always keep it 💯you give good advice to young guys because you've been through it all. You've always been there for me when I needed you and pushed me to be my best. I’ll never forget when shit wasn't going my way you told me to just keep staying patient, and trust in my faith, and my time will come. You inspire me to live every day to the fullest and that consistent energy that you bring to the table is awesome. I really do that every day at practice out here cause that sh*t works, people follow! I'll always be appreciative for what you've done for me and everyone else you've impacted. Keep doing what you're doing Coach, the world needs A LOT more of Matt F*ckin Komans!! Love ya man, keep in touch

I don't know where to start coach, going to Ventura College was the best decision I made in my life. Not only did it give me another opportunity to play football but I met people that'll be in my life forever & you coach are certainly one of them. I can't thank you more for what you have done for me ... You didn’t only make me a better ball player but also a better individual and young man. You believed in me when I didn't, you went out of your way to do extra work with me, we talked about life & you helped me realize how important it is to have fun playing this game & that helped elevate my game to another level. I already said it, but I couldn't thank you more coach you'll forever be my coach/mentor/trainer/brother/friend.

What's good I'm glad that things are going great for you and that you are about to make moves, and that just goes to show you that great things happen to people that wait diligently and continue sow. You gain success and reap the harvest.

With that being said, you have been a great influence on my life as a coach and as a friend, while being trained by you I felt comfortable and felt like I could relate to at deeper level, and I say that sincerely, I learned some much from you speed wise, explosive wise, workouts, things about my body, but more importantly tapping into my spiritual side and using that on the field with those pre-visionary methods.

Football period! I really appreciate the bond we made and that for life, later down the road I know I will see you again, maybe sooner than later who knows, but it will be like we never left. You understood us players, because you were at that one point, and you know what it's like. Also knowing how it felt losing someone dear to you, RIP Grandps ✊🏾💯, you helped me through my loss and were there for me as a friend and as a coach, and that's real. I can't forget, we always gone brothers because you from the crib (305) Florida stand up, but for real Matt, coach Koman, thanks for everything and know that God is always with you No Matter What! Picking you up every time you fall, he is inside of you. Love you coach.

Coach Koman, The impact you had on my life was all positive vibes. A lot of people don't understand my drive for the game but you did. You got me stronger with your crazy different workouts but you also taught that you have to do crazy things to be elite. You will be recognized as one of the best strength coaches in the world in due time. You really showed me how to turn negatives into positives and told me to never hold my head down because it shows weakness, which kept me pushing through any adversity I faced because that was a choice that I had the power to make, YOU TAUGHT ME THAT. I can go on all day coach. I still use so many lessons you taught, thank you, and our relationship is eternal!!

Oh man where can I start. The first time I ever had the balls to tell a coach that I had a problem with my life was after a spring practice and it wasn't my best day. I wanted to be at VC so badly that I didn't know what to do so you were the first person I ever sat down with and actually opened up too. That's where it all started. Every day I would come to lifts I would be so pumped up because I knew my crazy ass coach was going to give us the juice to get through the craziest workouts ever. It was cool that I could get so much love from a coach as a kicker because it's usually the opposite. Once I came back from school in Oregon, and I was asked to be a coach due to your reference at Westlake and I found out that you were going to be on my side forever I knew great things were about to happen and they did tremendously, for years. I honestly would have never thought you and I would have gotten this close to one another that I can truthfully say now with all the time we've spent you are my big brother. The big brother I've always wanted to have to be exact. You have had such a huge impact in my life I cannot thank you enough for listening and giving me advice when I need it the most. Love you Matt you are a huge part of my life and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for the both of us.

This could easily be written in volumes since the anecdote is continually unraveling & incessantly becoming better & better with each opportunity we get to spend time in each other's presence; I will do my best to hit some of the highlights without writing a novella. Since our introduction we hit it off, and our chemistry has been something that is so unique and explosive that every time we converse, (even via via text message lol) I am in a plethora of ways inspired to be better! Whether it is through form of encouragement, the high energy levels that you un-humanly posses, or simply the manner in which you carry yourself--- I respect the heck out of you & I am extremely esteemed to have a relationship with you that I value profoundly. The time that we spent together during the football season at VC was absolutely incredible & I learned so much from you. Your method & style of Strength & Conditioning, your leadership & ability to connect with all of the players talented & skilled alike, & the fire that you have which motivates everyone who is around you just to name a few. It has been an honor getting to know you and watching as our relationship develops, I know that we will do great things together & hold each other accountable as men who are driven to do extraordinary things in life! I have no doubt in my mind that the visions that we talked about that one day at Mondo's Surf Brewery & all of those practices & games will come to fruition and beyond! We just have to keep doing our part everything we can in the natural & God will take care of the supernatural! I'm fired up again just after writing this!! Looking forward to seeing you again soon homie, hopefully that is sooner than later! Love & miss you my dude!

You were the bridge to California that changed my life for the good forever. I am forever grateful. Always been a real brother. Admired the complete honesty in every situation. Your most recent impact on me came when you were going through all that craziness a few months back and you didn't allow it to spill into your business life. Taught me how a real Boss operates during hard times. That is some real sh*t coach.

Honestly you're one of the few people that kept it real with me. You humbled me in so many ways. You never let me get soft or feel sorry for myself, but to understand that it was okay to accept all of my emotions. You held me accountable and pushed me everyday. When I said I couldn't you were always there to say "yes you can". I truly don't believe I would be where I am today at Arizona State competing to earn a starting spot if it wasn't for you. This is my dream and you were apart of it. I thank you for that. You taught me so much. From work ethic to components of what it takes to be a leader. You're one of the hardest working people I know with the most energy I've ever seen. We can joke and mess around but when it's time to work, it's time to work. When doing your exercises even when they were hard just you being there gives off this energy that people can't help but absorb and it pushed me a lot of times through the hard times. You care about me more then just me being an athlete but as a friend/brother. I think our brotherhood that we have built on and off the field will last a lifetime. From the Lakers games to the weight room. I believe whatever you do you will be great at. Why because you have an THAT intangible. 

You put 100% effort and heart into everything you do. That's why you will achieve what others dream about. I got unconditional respect and love for you Coach.

What's up Coach Koman!! As I reflect over my journey with football and look back over the years of where it brought me, the person who I feel had the biggest impact on my life was you. It's crazy how when I think back and try to remember all I was told and all I was taught by many coaches, your words and teaching methods are the only ones that stuck with me. Keep doing what you’re doing coach! Many may not tell you how much you influenced their life but I know for a fact you have & still are changing many. Thank you coach !

Thank you for all the tips and advice you have given me man. You gave me that focus in the important things I need to fix as a player and a young man and I'm really honing in on those. I wish I could still be grinding with you everyday Coach!

Funny thing is, I met Coach K playin’ basketball at Colonia Gym in Oxnard in 2010. He was one of like 3 white dudes in the gym. He took me home and we hung a few times, aka he would pick my up to make sure I got my a*s to his crazy morning workouts. We are 6 years apart in age, but I started to see we have the same type of hearts. We connected. Coach K helped me in a lot of ways. I was a troublesome kid in my younger days. He really took me under his wing and became a brother to me. He let me work out with his college team and top notch athlete’s all the time. More importantly we would always talk about the more important meaning of life. From 2010 on it’s been a brother to brother bond that will never break for life.

Coach just want to say thank you first off. You’re one of few coaches who earned but my respect and my friendship. Many coaches I've grown to respect greatly as men and coaches as I have you but you also are someone who I like to be around regardless of training. You put your heart into what you do and that's how I play ball and live my life thanks to your guidance. Much love for that and for you coach and like I've said to you before you’re goin’ places!!


Hey brother. I’ve been thinking about how/when to reach out to you but I feel it now. I watch a lot of inspirational, motivational speeches and such. Things I thought would get me right and put me in the best possible place. Pre games with you in Mexico truly hit something with me, not only did it lead me to the most out of this world athletic performance I’ve had in sports, but it grounded me in a way I never knew. I even spoke with coach about this being the difference in my game and life honestly. I know it is most likely just another day for you, but I need you to know how deeply and positively it affected me. Thank you for being you. Much love brother. ✊🏼

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