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 Are you looking for that competitive advantage to take your Organization to the next level and beyond?


Utilizing an evidence based approach that has now been implemented successfully at several locations for over a decade.  I am a supplement to the team environment. Wherever there may be gaps/voids/ unreachable spots on the team… it has been proven that an outsider's fresh perspective sometimes sees things that cannot be seen inside. I am working in coordination with what the teams goals and dreams already are. I become an extension of the coaching staff. Let's build champions in life, on the field, on the court, and within the family!


Discovery Call/Meeting to get to know each other and get baseline understanding of what goals/dreams for the team.

How coaches can deepen their connection with the athletes.

How athletes can deepen their connection and build a relationship with their coaches.

Develop a new level of trust and collaborative skills.

Boost energy of Team, ability to operate with a competitive spirit, express love and gratitude, yet ultimately AIM AT mastering performance at the highest level.

Create memories that will last forever.

Comprehensive Assessment of each athlete and overall program to understand current strengths and weaknesses.

Customized scheduling and programming based on information determined in discovery call and assessment.

Guidance Coaching and counsel in:

  •  4 categories of health (Physical/Mental/Emotional/Spiritual).

  •  6 foundation principles (Movement/Thinking/breathing/Recovery/Nutrition/Hydration).

  •  Integrating and implementing new skills that support healthy lifestyle

    Program will be a combination of natural locations (Home, Beach, Mountains, Performance facilities)
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