I'm Matthew,
I am enthused to support you in your journey to creating a healthy lifestyle.

"You have taught me to be more connected with my soul and the earth. This has opened up so many possibilities for me and I am so grateful for your presence in my life"

Hey, I’m Matthew Michael Koman and I am a lover, companion, explorer, athlete, husband, son, and brother. I have created my lifestyle to support my dreams. I am dedicated to creating a holistically healthy world around me, and uniting the spirit of everybody that I meet. My journey has not always been so clear to me, I have had to work very hard to develop the practice that I preach, and to create the lifestyle that I live. I am here to help you do the same thing. 

My life growing up in the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio was very “sport-centric” and there was not a lot of emphasis placed on eating healthy, resting and recovering, mental and emotional health. It is to no-one’s fault, I truly know and believe that my parents, and all of our family friends were doing the best they possibly could to raise me and my brother, and our community collectively. It was not until my late 20’s and early 30’s that I had my awakening and it has been a process to step into my full potential and serve clients as powerfully as I could. 

Here we are now, 28+ years of living life connecting with people and building relationships based off what I “thought I was supposed to be.” There was and still is so much power in my experiences, yet I now operate in the present tense. I am here to help you see that WHO YOU ARE, IS THE SPIRIT. Understanding this simple, yet profound fundamental belief and guiding principle has allowed me to serve clients and people at a high level. Supporting humans while they shift and create a lifestyle that supports their dreams is what I have always done. If you are open to creating your best life, I am here to guide you!

"You helped build my confidence in myself and you opened me up to so many new things. I can’t thank you enough on how you have already impacted me."


I have and will continue to embrace many opportunities to be a student. I have completed certification courses to become a Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Creative Peacemaker, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Breathwork Coach, Nutrition, and Yogi. I have new challenges on the horizon and will continue to add more skills and tools to my repertoire. These work in conjunction with my collegiate experience in which I transferred Universities 5 times, and ended up with an associate’s degree in liberal arts. I joke and say I have a degree in relationships. Being a student, for me, is a lifelong embodiment.


I have utilized my ability to build relationships and created opportunities to coach many different people, athletes, groups and teams at all levels. Ranging in experience, I have enjoyed training athletes from youth to professional as well as been in charge of entire high school and collegiate programs. I have spent time collaborating with physical therapists, I became the director of football for Mamba Sports Academy, and consulted as an Athletic engineer for Jumpman. My pride and spirit goes into creating the energy that creates championship contenders, but more importantly translates into skills, practices, and lifestyles that transcend into individual live’s. I now utilize all of my experience to co-create a holistic foundation for everyone and every team I work with from my own family members, high school and collegiate athletic programs, high level executive teams, and my own team USA handball program in which I am an athlete but also provide holistic tools that we take into battle and life.


I grew up playing the traditional midwestern sports, baseball, basketball, and American football. I continued my playing career into the collegiate level playing both basketball and American football at the junior college, and University level. With a couple of opportunities that never came to fruition to play American football in the CFL (Canadian Football League) and overseas in Germany and Poland, I stayed connected to the game and began my coaching career in my young 20’s. I always kept my athletic drive alive and participated in high level men’s basketball and football leagues all over the Los Angeles and Southern California region. I can truly say that after 7-8 years of being around high level and professional athletes I always knew I had what it took.

What changed for me was in the realization that I needed to become a professional human being. I had a wakeup call a few years ago now and shortly after I began to develop new lifestyle practices that included eating clean quality organic foods, valuing sleep, tapping into my spiritual development, and honoring my most important relationships. With these new holistic practices becoming skills, I was then pointed in the direction of the USA beach handball program in the summer of 2019. I have not looked back since, and even amidst the Covid years, have been blessed with opportunities to represent my country internationally in Mexico (2x Manzanillo and Colima), Orihuela, Spain, Nazare, Portugal, and Isola de Femme, Italy. I now task myself with not only competing in my sport at the highest level, but also popularizing beach handball in America. It is an amazing sport that anybody can play, and as the sport grows here stateside, to hopefully match the energy and popularity it has in Europe, and South American regions… there is a chance for it to become an official Olympic Program. For me, my athletic dreams and goals of competing on the biggest stages and earning respect amongst the world's greatest athletes would come true!

Check out my TEAM USA athlete Bio: Matthew Koman (teamusa.org)

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