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The Whole Athlete Podcast

An exploration of Holistic Health, Lifestyle, and Sports with a wide range of incredible guests. Olympians, Pro Athletes, High Level Coaches, and people from around the globe have joined me on Season 1. (The Scent of a Hummingbird) There is so much to learn and experience by checking out these shows.

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In the Pipeline...


Very excited to release over a decade worth of Meditations and basic Functional movements. These will be easily accessible and will be able to quickly be implemented into your daily routine. This is useable for current athletes, former athletes, and your everyday Mom and Dad. 


A Holistic Guide and starter kit for athletes of all ages. Following the OHIU methodology you will teach yourself how to become a healthier and more WHOLE version of yourself. 

Requirements: Willingness to learn | Commitment to building new skills | Open to becoming your BEST SELF


A quick download for you to understand why I suggest what I do. How it has worked for me and my clients. A ton of resources to look into for yourself on where and how I have gathered the information to put into an easily digestible format for you and your family.

Contact me today and we can explore the potential opportunity of working together!