The Story of the Logos


Master your mind by opening up to who you are. An honest evaluation of yourself creates a new foundation. Intentionality becomes clear, and your mind unifies your body, soul, and actions. 

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Adapting your lifestyle to create harmony. Skill development is practiced to fill in areas that are in need of growth. Assessing Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Health determines where time and energy will focus. Movement, recovery, nutrition, hydration, relationships, career, and community are examples of areas that will be examined and developed.

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Performance Engineering
Integration of Philosophy and Mission

Using an evidence based approach that is supported by 15 years of experience in the sports performance and coaching industry. There will also be opportunities to consult with other industry experts. We co-create a custom program tailored for you individually that will naturally separate you from your competitors.

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I am here to serve you. This website is intended to guide you to YOUR EVOLUTION. I will guide, support, and challenge you or your team throughout our journey together. The intention is simple, we will become the WHOLE version of ourselves. The best versions. Understanding that it is a gradual and continual process, every level we unlock, it adds momentum to keep growing. To keep LIVING. Welcome to a safe space, I invite you to explore the opportunities I have to offer you. 

Let's create a true Love4Life together, in every choice we make. 

Matthew Michael Koman

"You really helped me get through some hard times in my life when I was ready to give up on everything. You always gave good real advice. You listened to my personal problems and helped however you could."

"It is here, you will find tools to open your mind, honestly evaluate yourself, use intentionality as a tool to unify your lifestyle into alignment with being the healthiest version of yourself." 

A holistic balanced life starts with your Mindset


Short Classes for your benefit, COMING SOON

These popular individual classes are a great place to start, if you’re not yet ready to join a full mindset, lifestyle, or athletic engineering program.

With online meditation and guidance for healthy movements and living, you can create a more harmonious and peaceful lifestyle.

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