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It is my mission to pioneer Holistic Health into the sports world. Together we will collaborate to create and integrate an organic love for life that cultivates self development, accountability, and leadership. 

1 on 1

Together, you and I will go on a 3+ month journey with the primary aim being to unlock your best self.

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Customized program for you and your teammates exact needs.

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Off-Season | In-Season | Full Year programs created to implement holistic value to your organization.

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1-3 Day Options. Add instant value to your group, team, or club. Variety of topics that can be included.

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The Story of the LOGOS

You see me rocking these everyday, well they have become a part of me. My philosophy and mission are key to my own performance... which allows me to serve my community as my highest self.



Master your mind by opening up to who you are. An honest evaluation of yourself creates a new foundation. Intentionality becomes clear, and your mind unifies your body, soul, and actions. This alchemy has become the formula to my own and my clients continual growth. The process is simple and the mantra will stay with you as you endeavor into your best self.


Pioneering Holistic Health into the Sports world is a big task. I am up for the journey. I am here to mentor, support, and encourage you along the journey to creating an organic love for your life. This life force energy that you will be directly responsible for is going to become the center of focus in your refreshed outlook. 

Integration of Philosophy and Mission

It is vital that as you learn about yourself and what your dream for your life is... that you have a coach alongside helping you integrate your findings into your everyday routine. Using an evidence based approach that is supported by 15 years of experience in the sports performance and coaching industry, I am here to help. There will also be opportunities to consult with other industry experts. We co-create a custom program tailored for you, your group, or your team that will naturally separate you from your competitors physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

"Coach Koman has helped me elevate myself to a level I could not have imagined reaching. It's crazy, I had no idea the power that I held inside of myself that I was neglecting. From emotional intelligence, to mental health and spirituality...I've completely unlocked a mindset that's allowed me to take over situations as a competitor and a human. He has the ability to help you see your own potential and take practical action steps to reach your dream life."

-Samuel (Professional Basketball athlete)